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Aloe vera drinks

It is made with organic Aloe Vera, organic crane sugar, honey and it contains the highest amount of Aloe Vera in the industry. Aloe Vera King Original is internationally awarded for the taste and the quality.

Facial Sheet Masks

Face masks are par excellence when it comes to caring for your skin. With a myriad of actions including detoxifying, moisturising, minimising pores, reducing fine lines and improving cell function, to name just a few, the right mask can make a real difference in your skincare routine.

Hangover drink

Alcohol SOS HANGOVER is the best anti hangover drink in the world, remarkably reduces the effect of alcohol on liver and helps to normalize your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

This anti hangover drink contains complex mixture vegetables and fruits extract which biofiber, bioflavonoid, polyphenolics, vitamins, and minerals. Scientifically it is proven and international Patent Approved.

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